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About Us

23 Years Of Experience

Having the 23 years’ experience of the mother company

Informatique Education is the innovative generation establishment, rendering services and solutions to the progressive Educational market in both the Middle East and North Africa.

Informatqiue Education is one of the leading state-of-the-art software solutions/ service provider in Egypt, we process a wide segment of market share based on our solid, reliable, real-time applications that assist, benefit and ensure educational institutions efficient and effective operation.

We deliver our solution and services through empowered team of professionals, where all the members are encouraged to innovate, explore and take responsibility for their own growth both technically and professionally.
We foster an open work environment and encourage personal and group achievement with a clear focus on delivering customer satisfaction.

Informatique Education strive for operational and service excellence through a relentless focus on Human Resources, Process and Customer Satisfaction, we are determined to build a company culture based on superior performance, success through teamwork, diverse and challenging work environment.

Informatique Education

Mission, Vision & Strategy

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance our customer’s business growth with creative design and development to deliver market-defining high-quality solutions and services that create added value and reliable competitive advantage.
Our Vision

Our Vision

Our vision is to guide our customer to success, utilizing our professional, flexible and integrated process and talented crew. The synergy of what Informatique Education does comes from a blend of passion for success and the skill to help accelerate customer business efficiently.
Our Strategy

Our Strategy

To be recognized as people-driven and customer-focused organization that consistently delivers exceptional software solutions and services to our valued customers
Informatique Education


  • A tailored comprehensive solution to EDU automation
  • Reliable and functional, coherent, and systematic
  • Dedication, methodological, cost-effective, labor-and energy-saving
  • Responsibility , liability and after-sales-support
Why Informatique Education?


Education has the power to transform the world
Recognizing this, Informatique Education offers solutions that enrich educational experience At a time when competition to attract the best students and other trends in higher education and K12 are causing dramatic changes, our solutions help educators impart personalized attention to students while expanding the institution’s capabilities and reach. The ability to plan for and deliver an exceptional learning experience is essential, and requires university/institute/School staff to strategize, rather than get bogged down in administrative tasks. Every year, Informatique for Education issues a new release of its products with new features and functions. Our products are based on MS Technology.
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Informatique Education Valued Customers

Valued Customers

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