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Implementation Specialist

Implementation Specialist with the following requirements:
  • Own a bachelor’s degree in computer science or any relevant field.
  • Must have 1- 5 years of experience working in the software industry.
  • Must have a solid background in the software development cycle.
  • Must have excellent presentation and communication skills and also have strong analytical skills.
  • Proficient at documentation.
Implementation Specialist will be responsible for the following:
  • Assess project scope to confirm details and understand customer expectations in advance.
  • Configure, install and handle troubleshooting tasks for a variety of different applications.
  • Deliver an exceptionally high level of professionalism and support to each client
  • Document client data and requirements to address business demands.
  • Conduct required software training for clients.

Senior Program Manager

Reporting Line: CEO
Job description:
We are looking for an experienced Program Manager to organize and coordinate a huge project. The Program Manager will provide strategic guidance to and manage 2-3 project managers and around 40-50 staff in ways that promote the company’s culture. The Program Manager will also oversee the progress of operations of a big project.
The ideal candidate will be an excellent leader and will have experience in managing a staff of different disciplines to produce results in a timely manner. They will also be able to develop efficient strategies and tactics for a big project. The goal is to ensure that a big project delivers the desirable outcome to our organization.
Note: the project duration is 3 years. The working team will be about 50 specialists in the first year. The candidate will manage the project through 3 project managers under his direct management.
Job Responsibilities:
The below is part of the program manager and his team’s responsibilities:

  • Manage implementation of a big project from contract to launch and full operation.
  • Develop project plans, track progress, and monitor roadblocks during the implementation phase
  • Review the project product demands and ensures that the implementation is completed on time, within budget, and meets the project and Informatique expectations.
  • Maintaining positive relationships with the project coordinators.
  • Identifying the project needs and overseeing service delivery within the business context
  • Leading the service delivery team, managing conflict, and ensuring the team’s processes and tasks are carried out efficiently.
  • Ensuring each project stays on schedule and adheres to the deadlines.
  • Ensure Customers within the region are receiving the agreed level of support and their accounts are managed professionally.
  • Planning and designing the program and proactively monitoring its progress, resolving issues, and initiating appropriate corrective action. defining the program governance arrangements
  • Ensuring effective quality assurance and the overall integrity of the program – focusing inwardly on the internal consistency of the program, and outwardly on its coherence with infrastructure planning, interfaces with other programs and corporate, technical, and specialist standards
  • Managing the program’s budget, monitoring expenditure and costs against delivered and realized benefits as the program progresses
  • Facilitating the appointment of individuals to project teams · ensuring the delivery of new products or services from projects is to the appropriate level of quality, on time, and within budget, in accordance with the program plan and program governance arrangements
  • Ensuring there is allocation of resources and skills within the program’s individual projects.
  • Determining ways to reduce costs without sacrificing customer satisfaction
  • Managing communications with all stakeholders · managing both the dependencies and the interfaces between projects · managing risks to the program’s successful outcome
  • Initiating extra activities and other management interventions wherever gaps in the program are identified or issues arise · reporting the progress of the program at regular intervals to the CEO.
  • Track and report on progress against project plans.
  • Managing project managers across different projects.
  • Ensuring Monitoring and Control of Project Execution Performance.
  • Centralize information and deliver it to the right stakeholders.
  • Carry out constant evaluation and adjustment of project-related frameworks and processes to eliminate any pain areas.
  • Develop, evaluate and simplify current working procedures and improve organization team structure
  • Handling the issue of the payments process, including signing, monitoring, and collections.
  • Ensure that the payment milestone dues are received according to the time plan


  • Minimum 20 years of project management experience
  • Knowledge of project management tools
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Highly detail-oriented
  • Motivated and proactive in creating and improving processes and workflows
  • Strong analytical and critical thinking skills
  • Problem-solving capability
  • Leadership mentality

Senior Business Analyst

Job Responsibilities:

  • Determine operational objectives by studying business functions, gathering information, evaluating output requirements.
  • Construct workflow charts and diagrams
  • Study system capabilities and write specifications
  • Improve systems by studying current practices
  • Prepare technical reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing information
  • Perform daily, weekly and monthly reviews and analyses of current processes using operational metrics and reports
  • Suggest changes to senior management using analytics and actively participate in the implementation of approved changes
  • Conduct insightful, ad hoc analyses to investigate ongoing or one-time operational issues

Job Requirements

  • Candidate must have 3-5 years experience working as Business Analyst or Software Developer
  • Candidates must have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering
  • Experience in the software development cycle is a must
  • Excellent writing & documentation skills
  • Excellent analytical skills
  • Excellent problem-solving skills

Senior Implementation Manager

Reporting line: Program Manager
Job Description:
The Implementation Manager will be responsible for ensuring our customer implementations stay on track and are delivered on time and with high quality. This role will work closely with our PMO, our technical team, and our Quality team to keep everyone in sync, track progress, and address obstacles to ensure successful on-time launches. The Implementation Manager will also be responsible for pattern analysis and developing new processes to reduce the time and effort involved in customer implementations.
Job Responsibilities:

  • Manage implementation of Project from contract to launch and full operation.
  • Develop project plans, track progress, and monitor roadblocks during the implementation phase.
  • Review Project product demands and ensures that the implementation is completed on time, within budget, and meets Project and Informatique expectations.
  • Coordinate with our PMO, our technical team, our Quality team, and other departments to get to successful implementation and operation.
  • Document data requirements and process workflows in the project.
  • Coordinate with team to resolve all issues within the required timeframe and recommend appropriate changes to all policies and procedures and evaluate all implementation for the team.
  • Monitor all implementation requests and administer staff working and assist team and senior implementation managers and provide required coaching for same.
  • Evaluate all management information reports and ensure achievement of all team objectives and provide support to senior implementation manager.
  • Evaluate all processes and provide technical support to all senior implementation managers and establish all client configuration requirements.
  • Keep Project staff on track and communicate as necessary to meet deadlines.
  • Report regularly on the status of implementations and potential issues to PMO.
  • Identify key weaknesses and failure points in current project implementation plans and spearhead process improvements.
  • Responsible for Integrating other System Components in the Implemented solution.
  • Responsible for System Support (Call Center & Help Desk).
  • Implementing Project final solution on the Portal Platform.
  • Design new strategies and programs for customer support and satisfaction.
  • Responsible for customers’ smooth operation on company products.
  • Minimum 5 years of Software Implementation project management experience.
  • Knowledge of project management tools.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Highly detail-oriented.
  • Motivated and proactive in creating and improving processes and workflows.
  • Strong analytical and critical thinking skills.
  • Problem-solving capability.
  • Leadership mentality.
  • Familiarity with student information system big plus!Familiarity with Jira tracking system.

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